Chef Specials

IPA Beef Stew $7.50 

Broth based stew featuring tender cuts of beef, carrots,

celery, onions, and peas simmered in red wine and

India Pale Ale seasoned with thyme and rosemary.


Fried Goat Cheese Salad $9.50

Freshly fried panko encrusted orbs of creamy goat cheese

with arugula, dried cherries and toasted pecans,

beautifully dressed in a Pecan Fennel Vinaigrette.


Fried Zucchini Spears $9.00

Light, crunchy & delicious! Accompanied with a basil aioli, a

lemon wedge and garnished with fresh grated Romano cheese.


Beef Tenderloin Tips $22.00

Beef tenderloin tips seared to medium-rare topped with an

herb butter compote; served with garlic rosemary

roasted red potatoes and green beans.


Pesto Cream $16.00

Fettuccine pasta and diced tomatoes tossed in a heavenly

pesto cream sauce garnished with fresh grated Romano cheese.


Pasta a la Bolognaise $21.00

Slow roasted shredded pork and beef sautéed in a ragout sauce with

marsala wine, celery, onions, carrots, and fresh herbs, tossed with

gemelli pasta; garnished with fresh Romano cheese and basil. 



Save room for… 

Lemon Semifreddo $7.00